Investment Law within International Law

Integrationist Perspectives

Investment Law within International Law

Developments within various sub-fields of international law influence international investment law, but changes in investment law also have an impact on the evolution of other fields within international law. With contributions from leading scholars and practitioners, they examine specific links between investment law and other sub-fields of international law such as the law on armed conflict, human rights, sustainable development, trade, development and EU law. In particular, this book scrutinizes how concepts, principles and rules developed in the context of such sub-fields could inform the content of investment law. Solutions aimed at resolving problems in other settings may provide instructive examples for addressing current problems in the field of investment law, and vice versa. The underlying question is whether key sub-fields of public international law, notably international investment law, are open to cross-fertilisation, or, whether they are evolving further into self-contained regimes.


"With no doubt, this book offers contemporary starting points for further analysis, as well as solid contributions in different topics of international investment law. This will foster discussions and that can be used to support or oppose ideas and arguments put forward in our own papers and research in this area. Altogether, this is an essential reading for all students, researchers, practitioners and scholars who face questions about the relationship between foreign investment law and other areas of international law."
Latin American Journal of international Trade Law