For Librarians

Retrieve MARC Records

There are two methods of obtaining MARC Records for Cambridge Books Online:

1. Cambridge Books Online provides MARC records free of charge for all titles in the collections. You may download a MARC21 format file (.mrc) containing records of all titles available on the platform, or you may download a MARC21 format file (.mrc) containing only those titles to which your institution has purchased access or has active Limited Trial access. To download records only for purchased books, use the Order ID option or date ranges to exclude your Limited Trial records.

You can also download a single MARC record for The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson Online by clicking here.

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MARC record reader software such as MarcEdit will be required to add these files to your library system.


2. You may also download OCLC MARC Records in one of two ways.

A. Use the spreadsheet below to locate the OCLC Control Number (OCN) and the batch processing capabilities of OCLC Connexion or OCLC CatExpress software to process and upload the relevant titles to your catalogue.

Available Titles by OCLC Control Number

B. You may also download MARC records as sets, from OCLC’s WorldCat Collection Sets (All CBO titles/CCO/CHO/SSO only)
Click on the link below to access a list of OCLC WorldCat Collection Sets

For a List of Cambridge University Press Collection Sets

For a sample batch of OCLC MARC records, please click here

Beginning September 1, 2013, OCLC will begin creating WorldCat records for Cambridge University Press titles using the RDA standard. This change is in alignment with OCLC's decision to adopt and support the RDA standard in WorldCat. There is no need for customers already receiving records via WorldCat to make changes to their record delivery profile, and records will continue to be delivered as they are presently.

To help with questions, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document is attached. If there are any additional questions regarding the receipt of records created via the RDA standard, please contact OCLC at