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About Cambridge Books Online

Who can access Cambridge Books Online?

Are all Cambridge books available on Cambridge Books Online?

Is it possible to trial Cambridge Books Online prior to purchase?

How do I purchase access to Cambridge Books Online?

Do you offer individual access to Cambridge Books Online?

May I purchase access to Cambridge Books Online through my consortium?

Are MARC records available for Cambridge Books Online?

When are frontlist titles made available on the platform?

Which titles are made available as eBooks?

Are titles published simultaneously in print and on CBO?

Are there any archival rights?

Using Cambridge Books Online

What are the advantages of registering with Cambridge Books Online?

I have not received my account activation email. What should I do?

Is it possible for remote users to access the site?

Do you offer library card access/Athens authentication/Shibboleth authentication to Cambridge Books Online?

If I have forgotten my username or password, how do I recover it?

What is a DOI?

Account Administrator Information

What is the role of the account administrator?

Who can be the account administrator?

What are valid IP formats?

When do usage statistics for each month become available?

How do I configure IP addresses for my institution's account?

Are usage statistics available? How do I retrieve them?

Technical Questions

I am unable to open PDFs from Cambridge Books Online. What should I do?

I can't enlarge the text on PDFs or copy and paste text from PDFs I'm viewing. What should I do?

I'm seeing a message that says "Maximum user capacity for this title reached." What does that mean?

I am trying to view a PDF chapter but the PDF link is not live. Why is this?

I am trying to view an image which is showing too small on the page. What should I do?