The Quantum Theory of Fields

Volume 2 , Modern Applications

The Quantum Theory of Fields

In this second volume of The Quantum Theory of Fields, available for the first time in paperback, Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg continues his masterly expoistion of quantum theory. Volume 2 provides an up-to-date and self-contained account of the methods of quantum field theory, and how they have led to an understanding of the weak, strong, and electromagnetic interactions of the elementary particles. The presentation of modern mathematical methods is throughout interwoven with accounts of the problems of elementary particle physics and condensed matter physics to which they have been applied. Exercises are included at the end of each chapter.


"...a clear presentation of the subject, explaining the underlying concepts in much depth and in an accessible style. I expect that these volumes will become the first source we turn to when trying to answer the challenging questions asked by bright postgraduates when they first encounter quantum field theory." T.C. Sachrajda, Times Higher Education Supplement

"The insight and depth of his treatment which singles this book out from others in this field can be largely attributed to Weinberg's authority as an originator of many of the ideas in the book...Experienced researchers and beginning graduate students alike will delight in the gems of wisdom to be found in these pages. This book combines exposition of technical detail with physical insight in a unique manner that confirms the promise of Volume 1 and I have no doubt that these two volumes will rapidly constitute the classic treatment of this important subject." CERN Courier

"It is a majestic exposition. The two volumes are structured in a logical way. Everything is explained with incisive clarity. Weinberg always goes to the heart of any arguments and includes many things that cannot be found elsewhere in the literature....I find it hard to imagine a better treatment of quantum field theory than Weinberg's. All serious users of the subject will want to have these two volumes on their shelves." John C. Taylor, Nature

"...Steven Weinberg is one of our most gifted makers of theoretical tools as well as a virtuoso in their use...The Quantum Theory of Fields is a splendid book, with abundant useful references to the original literature. It is a very interesting read from cover to cover, for the wholeness Weinberg's personal perspective gives to quantum field theory and particle physics...Weinberg leads us to a frontier rich with possibilities." Science

"Weinberg's Modern Applications goes to the boundaries of our present understanding of the field theory. It is unmatched by any other book on quantum field theory for its depth, generality and definitive character, and it will be an essential reference for serious students and researchers in elementary particle physics." Physics Today

"The book is at once fascinating and challenging, because of its advanced and mathematical level. Physics professors and college physics majors, both undergraduate and graduate, will get the most use out of it....I recommend Weinberg's volume II highly for physics devotees everywhere." Brian I. Baker, Science Books & Films

"As reference works these volumes are an absolutely essential addition to the bookshelf of any practicing field theorist. They provide a treasure trove of information and bibliography....a must buy for every university physics library." Paul H. Frampton, American Scientist

' … Weinberg has produced a masterpiece that will be a standard reference on the field for a long time to come'. B. E. Y. Svensson, Elementa


The Quantum Theory of Fields Volume 1

Steven Weinberg

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