Law, Tropical Forests and Carbon

The Case of REDD+

Law, Tropical Forests and Carbon

Emerging from the scientific parameters underpinning REDD+ (including the measurement of carbon stocks, reporting and verification), Law, Tropical Forests and Carbon considers the crucial challenges for global and national governance and the legal rights and interests of indigenous people and local communities, all of which have fundamental implications for development and poverty alleviation. With contributions from leading experts in the fields of law, governance, science, development studies and geography, it sheds light on the complexity of REDD+ and offers perspectives on the extent to which REDD+ agreements can be enforced under international law and in concert with new private and public domestic institutions.


"Still, the volume paints a comprehensive picture of progress on REDD+ to date, giving a clear impression of the tantalizing efforts required by this evolving climate and forest policy experiment … In sum, the volumes contribute in their different ways to an ongoing conversation about the ambitious environmental policy experiment that is REDD+. Their analyses of progress so far provide welcome food for thought for academics and practitioners attempting to make sense of the maze of initiatives undertaken to make the idea of REDD+ a reality, as well as for policy-makers grappling with this intriguing experiment."
Annalisa Savaresi, Carbon and Climate Law Review