Erosion and Sedimentation

Erosion and Sedimentation

In this book, Professor Julien provides a thorough analysis of erosion, transport and sedimentation of soil and solid particles by surface waters. The author stresses physical understanding based on Newtonian mechanics, and explains fundamental concepts pertaining to the hydrodynamic forces exerted on solid particles, with a lucid treatment of potential flow, viscous flow, turbulent flow, and boundary layers. The text features a variety of exercises and problems for students and researchers, along with numerous examples and case studies for practicing engineers seeking solutions to real-world problems.


"...this well-written text can be equally useful to undergraduates, graduates, geologists and geophysicists..." Christopher Kendall, The Leading Edge

"...a welcome addition to the existing standard textbooks in the subject area...logically planned out, well written with clear explanations in good English...nicely laid out and printed." R.L. Soulsby, Journal of Fluid Mechanics

'… well written and clearly set out …'. Gary Nichols, Geological Magazine

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