The Foundations of Econometric Analysis

The Foundations of Econometric Analysis

In this compelling book, David Hendry and Mary Morgan bring together the classic papers of the pioneer econometricians, some of which have never been published before. Together, these papers form the foundations of econometric thought. They are essential reading for anyone seeking to understand the aims, method and methodology of econometrics and the development of this statistical approach in economics. An editorial commentary places the readings in their historical context and indicates the continuing relevance of these early, yet highly sophisticated, works for current econometric analysis.


"The readings in this collection are subtle in their approach to ideas and problems yet remain technically straightforward, making this volume accessible to students and non-specialists alike." Business Horizons

"An instant classic for students of the history of econometrics....A must for anyone interested in the development of econometric ideas..." Choice

"I cannot recommend Foundations highly enough. Every student of econometrics, indeed every serious economist, would profit from the time spent with this volume." Kevin D. Hoover, Econometric Reviews