The Dappled World

A Study of the Boundaries of Science

The Dappled World

In this book Nancy Cartwright argues against a vision of a uniform world completely ordered under a single elegant theory, and proposes instead a patchwork of laws of nature. Combining classic and newly written essays, The Dappled World offers important methodological lessons for both the natural and the social sciences, and will interest anyone who wants to understand how modern science works.


"Cartwright's book provides an account of science that does well to bring matters related to scientific practice into the philosophy of science." Review of Metaphysics

"The Dappled World is Nancy Cartwright's latest exposition of an approach to philosophy of science she has been developing for two decades." Ronald N. Giere, Philosophy of Science

"The Dappled World offers an inspiring picture of the nature of reality, and stimulating advice on how to interpret scientific theories....Fans of Cartwright's earlier books will find some of theri major themes further elucidated here." Philosophy and Phenomenological Research