A Guide to Diplomatic Practice

Volume 2

A Guide to Diplomatic Practice

Recruited straight from university, Ernest Satow (1843–1929) became one of the most respected British diplomats, particularly in Japan, where he is still remembered. After a career spent mostly in the rapidly developing Far East, he retired in 1906. Just before the outbreak of war, he was asked to compile a work on international diplomacy, and 'Satow', as it has become known, was first published in 1917, and in updated versions has not been out of print since. Satow's work was pioneering, there being at that time no comprehensive study in English of diplomacy. Volume 2 concentrates on international conferences and congresses from 1648. Lasting weeks, and sometimes months, such gatherings were often, until well into the twentieth century, the only occasion when heads of state or government met face to face. We still live today with the consequences of many of these meetings.

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Ernest Satow

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