Resilience and Mental Health

Challenges Across the Lifespan

Resilience and Mental Health

Humans are remarkably resilient in the face of crises, traumas, disabilities, attachment losses and ongoing adversities. To date, most research in the field of traumatic stress has focused on neurobiological, psychological and social factors associated with trauma-related psychopathology and deficits in psychosocial functioning. Far less is known about resilience to stress and healthy adaptation to stress and trauma. This book brings together experts from a broad array of scientific fields whose research has focused on adaptive responses to stress. Each of the five sections in the book examines the relevant concepts, spanning from factors that contribute to and promote resilience, to populations and societal systems in which resilience is employed, to specific applications and contexts of resilience and interventions designed to better enhance resilience. This will be suitable for clinicians and researchers who are interested in resilience across the lifespan and in response to a wide variety of stressors.


"This volume is an important resource for all mental health clinicians and others interested in trauma and resilience … especially useful for pragmatic clinical psychiatrists who spend little time with current academic psychology. After exposure to the thinking and clinical research included in this text, they should be able to use the material in psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic as well as psychopharmacologic approaches to their patients."
Journal of Clinical Psychiatry

"Readable with clearly presented concepts and well-referenced appraisal of the evidence."
Journal of Occupational Medicine