Electrical Papers

Volume 2

Electrical Papers

A self-taught authority on electromagnetic theory, telegraphy and telephony, Oliver Heaviside (1850–1925) dedicated his adult life to the improvement of electrical technologies. Inspired by James Clerk Maxwell's field theory, he spent the 1880s presenting his ideas as a regular contributor to the weekly journal, The Electrician. The publication of Electrical Papers, a year after his election to the Royal Society in 1891, established his fame beyond the scientific community. An eccentric figure with an impish sense of humour, Heaviside's accessible style enabled him to educate an entire generation in the importance and application of electricity. In so doing he helped to establish that very British phenomenon, the garden-shed inventor. Combining articles on the electromagnetic wave surface and electromagnetic induction with notes on nomenclature and the self-induction of wires, Volume 2 serves as an excellent source for both electrical engineers and historians of science.


Electrical Papers Volume 1

Oliver Heaviside

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