The Life and Letters of Hugh Miller

Volume 1

The Life and Letters of Hugh Miller

This biography, edited by the writer and critic Peter Bayne (1830–1896), was published in 1844. Miller (1802–1856), a Scottish geologist, palaeontologist and evangelical Christian, is best known for his geological arguments for the existence of God. Miller sought to demonstrate the accuracy of the biblical creation story by demonstrating that the seven days of creation correspond to seven geological periods. Volume 1 covers Miller's early life, family, education and apprenticeship as a stonemason, and includes a selection of letters, both private and public, including two that expound his developing views on religion. The work is a key source for the life and thought of this fascinating nineteenth-century man whose life was marked by a passionate commitment to both science and religion and the ongoing attempt to reconcile the two. It will invigorate and entertain the modern-day reader.

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The Life and Letters of Hugh Miller Volume 2

Peter Bayne

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