A Journey Through the Kingdom of Oude in 1849–1850

With Private Correspondence Relative to the Annexation of Oude to British India, etc. Volume 2

A Journey Through the Kingdom of Oude in 1849–1850

Sir William Henry Sleeman (1788–1856) was a British soldier and administrator in India. While serving as Resident at the court of the King of Oude in Lucknow he travelled around the kingdom and made reports to the Governor-General regarding its proposed annexation by the East India Company. His letters and diaries reveal him as a capable and just administrator, who was at pains to weigh all the evidence for and against annexation, and who believed that reform of the existing administration would be possible. Sleeman described the kingdom of Oude as suffering from maladministration, lawlessness and corruption, but stressed that illegal annexation would lead to resentment and rebellion. This book, containing Sleeman's account of his journey and a selection of private correspondence, was originally published in Lucknow in 1852; this reissue reproduces the 1858 London edition. Volume 2 discusses the social and economic condition of the kingdom.


A Journey Through the Kingdom of Oude in 1849–1850 Volume 1

W. H. Sleeman

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