Theology, Music and Time

Theology, Music and Time

Theology, Music and Time shows ways in which music can deepen our understanding of the Christian God and his involvement with the world. Without assuming any specialist knowledge of music, the author explores rhythm, meter, resolution, repetition and improvisation, and through them opens up some of the central themes of the Christian faith--creation, salvation, eschatology, time and eternity, eucharist, election and ecclesiology. He shows that music can refresh theology, giving it new ways of coming to terms with God.


"...his aim is ambitious...his book succeeds very well...Begbie's argument is complex and detailed, and for those who read music he provides closer musical analysis in sans serif typeface. Yet he writes clearly and concisely, making the argument accessible to the non-musician...In his best book to date, Begie gives a powerful and convincing account of music's contributions to theology." Modern Theology

"His [Begbie's] presentation is refrshing, presupposing no special musical expertise, applying no contrived arguments or cumbersome proofs, and mercifully free from jargon of methodologies, papradigms, or models. Begbie converses on music to invite theological conversation. His book is well served by good indices and an excellent bibliography, of which substansive notes (at the foot, where notes belong) testify to the author's mastery." Journal of Religion

' … a delightful exploration of the relevance of music for a variety of theological themes … Begbie has written an excellent book, illuminating both of music and theology. It offers a great deal of stimulation for others to explore a relatively little developed field.' Stephen Carr, Theology

'An impressive tour de force of great originality and insight.' Expository Times

'It would be difficult to over-praise this book. It breaks new ground, it is both insightful and highly informed and it is written in a style devoid of the obscurity that often mars musicological reflection … the most substantial book ever written on these themes.' Gordon Graham, Scottish Journal of Theology

'This is a book for those with a more than passing interest in both music and theology. Though a demanding work, Begbie's book expects specialist knowledge of neither, simply thoughtful engagement. It deserves a very wide readership because it offers an interdisciplinary study from two specialisms in both of which Begbie is a practitioner.' Theological Book Review

'… a brilliant work of integration. A wide range of musical examples abound and the theological sources are extensive … if this subject is of any interest to you, I highly recommend it.' Geoff Colmer