Israel's Security and Its Arab Citizens

Israel's Security and Its Arab Citizens

Although a rich literature combining international relations and domestic political developments has recently emerged, most works specializing in state-minority relations, nationalism, citizenship, and human rights have not integrated insights from the field of international relations and security affairs into their analysis. This absence is nowhere more visible than in the study of relations between the Israeli state and its Arab/Palestinian minority. This book aims to bring (back) international relations and international security perspectives into the analysis of relations between the Israeli state and its Arab minority. Drawing on international relations theory, it argues that the relationship between the Israeli state and the predominant community, as in many other cases characterized by ethno-national cleavage, was heavily influenced by the state's broader regional geo-strategic security situation. State policies toward Israel's Arab citizens moderated in the rare times of relative geo-strategic security and hardened when Israel's regional position became more precarious.


“The status of Israel's Arabs has become an increasingly contentious political issue in Israel, and Frisch offers an informed, insightful, and fresh look at how Israel's security situation shapes policies and public attitudes toward this important minority community. Israel's Security and its Arab Citizens weaves together perspectives from international relations and domestic politics, offering lessons on what is unique regarding Israel's circumstances and what is generalizable to other divided societies in a dangerous threat environment.”
– Daniel Byman, Georgetown University; Senior Fellow, Saban Center, The Brookings Institution; author of A High Price: The Triumphs and Failures of Israeli Counterterrorism

“This is a solid study of the relationship between the State of Israel and its Arab citizens. While Frisch is sensitive to the problems encountered by Israel's Arabs, as a minority within Israel, he also expertly analyzes the security and political challenges which they pose to Israel.”
– Robert O. Freedman, Johns Hopkins University

Israel’s Security and Its Arab Citizens offers an authoritative treatment of a major issue in the politics of the Middle East that has received relatively light attention. The book’s central argument, derived from classic works on the state and public policy, is that Israel’s relationship to its Arab minority is connected to its sense of threat and security fears. The research in this book establishes the importance of external insecurity in accounting for authoritarianism and intolerance toward minorities in Israel, most notably its Arab citizens. This book is essential reading for those interesting in comparative and international politics regarding the Middle East and beyond.”
– Patrick James, University of Southern California

"Frisch draws on theoretical studies relating to ethnic divisions and national security and stresses the inseparability of domestic and international politics...The author demonstrates a high level of competency in research and analysis...Summing Up: Recommended." -G.E. Perry, emeritus, Indiana State University, CHOICE Magazine

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