The Insects

Structure and Function

The Insects
  • Fourth edition

  • By R. F. Chapman

  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press

    Online Publication Date:June 2012

    Online ISBN:9780511818202

    Hardback ISBN:9780521570480

    Paperback ISBN:9780521578905

  • Book DOI:

    Subjects: Entomology , Zoology

The Insects takes a detailed look at how insects function as animals. This textbook brings together basic anatomy and physiology and relates them to behavior. Coverage emphasizes the roles of different functional systems in the context of the whole organism using studies of many different species as examples. Unlike other texts, The Insects does not dwell on classification, opting instead to take an in-depth look at physiology, providing any biologist with a better basic understanding of how insects work. A long-awaited update of a well established standard text and respected reference work for students and researchers in zoology, entomology and physiology, this fourth edition has been rewritten throughout, while retaining the successful structure of the earlier editions. Illustrations have been augmented with electron micrographs, and expanded reference sections will make this volume a valuable addition to all biologists' bookshelves.


"Because it has been so thoroughly updated, it is almost misleading just to call this book a new edition...the book has many very valuable changes for students of entomology...The figures are clean and uncluttered, which shows an authoritative knowledge of the important concepts...The subjects covered in The Insects are as comprehensive as in the previous edition...This book should be on the shelf of every entomologist and student of insects. It is a splendid and much needed revision that brings insect structure and function up to date in the most accessible fashion." Quarterly Review of Biology

"This edition is a complete upgrade of the previous three. The book is intended for entomology courses and as a reference work for biologists in general and it covers all aspects of insect structure and function...profusely illustrated with line-drawings, diagrams, charts, tables, graphs and photographs. A taxonomic index and a subject index are provided." Biosis

"The book is superbly illustrated with line drawings, graphs, and occasional halftone photographs...The text itself is written very clearly and one can recommend this to either undergraduate or graduate students without any hesitation whatsoever. The abundant literature citations and excellent index add to the value of the textual discussions, making this book an invaluable resource for any biologist working with insects and aspects of their chemical ecology and physiology." Journal of Chemical Ecology

"Yet another fine improvement to this classical treatise that can be both used as a textbook and as a reference source...An essential book for all entomologists and comparative physiologists." Northeastern Naturalist

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