Probabilistic Risk Analysis

Foundations and Methods

Probabilistic Risk Analysis

Probabilistic risk analysis aims to quantify the risk caused by high technology installations in situations where classical statistical analysis is difficult or impossible. This book discusses the fundamental notion of uncertainty, its relationship with probability, and the limits to the quantification of uncertainty. Drawing on extensive experience in the theory and applications of risk analysis, the authors focus on the conceptual and mathematical foundations underlying the quantification, interpretation and management of risk. They cover standard topics as well as important new subjects such as the use of expert judgment and uncertainty propagation.


"This is a valuable reference book for engineers, researchers and Ph.D. students...The book is fresh, neat, and comprehensive. I highly recommend it." Risk Decision and Policy

" excellent basis for an undergraduate course, well equipped with a wealth of real-life examples and exercises. Practitioners and decision makers will also benefit...The text can be recommended as an important contribution to bridge the gap between those working in mathematical reliability, who are looking for real-life examples, and those in eonomic risk analysis, who are looking for a readable treatment of the foundational concepts." JASA

'… a text of enormous coverage.' The Mathematical Gazette

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