Is Nature Enough?

Meaning and Truth in the Age of Science

Is Nature Enough?

Is nature all there is? John Haught examines this question and in doing so addresses a fundamental issue in the dialogue of science with religion. The belief that nature is all there is and that no overall purpose exists in the universe is known broadly as 'naturalism'. Naturalism, in this context, denies the existence of any realities distinct from the natural world and human culture. Since the rise of science in the modern world has had so much influence on naturalism's intellectual acceptance, the author focuses on 'scientific' naturalism and the way in which its defenders are now attempting to put a distance between contemporary thought and humanity's religious traditions. Haught seeks to provide a reasonable, scientifically informed alternative to naturalism. His approach will provide the basis for lively discussion among students, scholars, scientists, theologians and intellectually curious people in general.


'Is nature Enough … can be recommended not only to all those interested in Haught's theology and/or working in the field of evolutionary biology but also to all those, religious or not, with an interest in these key philosophical issues of truth and epistemology. this, combined with the refreshingly accessible style of Haught's writing result in a book of worth to both students and academics alike.' Louise A. Hickman, Newman University College


A 2007 Selection of Books of Distiniction, Templeton Foundation Press