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Experimental Design and Data Analysis for Biologists

Experimental Design and Data Analysis for Biologists

This essential textbook is designed for students or researchers in biology who need to design experiments, sampling programs, or analyze resulting data. The text begins with a revision of estimation and hypothesis testing methods, before advancing to the analysis of linear and generalized linear models. The chapters include such topics as linear and logistic regression, simple and complex ANOVA models, log-linear models, and multivariate techniques. The main analyses are illustrated with many examples from published papers and an extensive reference list to both the statistical and biological literature is also included. The book is supported by a web-site that provides all data sets, questions for each chapter and links to software.


"This massive books fills an important niche: a reference book on advanced statistical methods for research biologists...It's impressive because it is totally new...Even more interesting is the fact that the data are actually available free for downloading from a website...there is so much packed into this book that I view it more as a reference than a is wonderful and loaded with all the newest methods. I recommend it to readers who venture into more advanced statistics." Natural Areas Journal

" is evident that a great deal of scholarship has gone into this book and that there is much good advice in it." Ecology

"... the book is highly recommended. It provides a broad and in-depth overview over most of the commonly used statistical methods." Ethology

'Quinn and Keough make plenty of reference to the recent and primary statistical literature, yet their book does not seem inaccessible or daunting … the text often ventures into statically uncertain territory, and Quinn and Keough do an excellent job of evenhandedly summarizing any statistical debates and philosophies then giving pragmatic suggestions to how best to proceed with analyses. Readers will find themselves adequately and interestedly informed … Quinn and Keough make extensive use of data sets deriving from real, and recently published, studies … There are also unexpected bonus sections, such as the useful, and at times fun, chapter on presenting the results of analysis both in reports and in seminars. In general, one certainly has the impression that the authors set out to write a clear, comprehensive and valuable book: they have succeeded.' Animal Behaviour

'… highly recommended …' Ethology

'… the authors do go a long way towards success in their aim of encouraging 'readers to understand the models underlying the most common experimental designs' and to approach proper data analysis with more confidence. The web support is also very useful especially for items that the authors added post-publication …'. Primate Eye

'… an essential textbook that can be warmly recommended to any student or researcher in biology who needs to design experiments, devise sampling programs and analyze the resulting data … There is a wealth of information that is usually only found in separate sources.' Basic and Applied Ecology

'… an essential textbook for students and researchers in biology needing to design experiments, sampling programs or analyze the resulting data.' Folia Geobotanica