Classical Optics and its Applications

Second Edition

Classical Optics and its Applications

Covering a broad range of fundamental topics in classical optics and electro-magnetism, this updated, second edition contains 13 new chapters, which cover many topics of fundamental significance as well as practical importance. The first half of the book deals primarily with the basic concepts of optics, while the second half describes how these concepts can be used in a variety of technological applications. Each chapter is concerned with a single topic, developing an understanding of the subject through the use of diagrams, examples, numerical simulations, and logical arguments. The mathematical content is kept to a minimum to provide the reader with insightful discussions of optical phenomena.


'Masud Mansuripur describes phenomena that we all know we should understand, even if our recollection is hazy … Forget photonics, it is classical optics that turns today's optical inventions into real products and processes that benefit society … I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone in optics who is interested in doing something useful. Everyone will learn something, and refresh their memory on subjects that are fundamental to so many practical devices that use optics.' Chris Dainty, Nature

' … if you know some optics … the chances are that there will be something here to interest you.' The Industrial Laser User

'The pedagogical style of these columns, which are presented in clear language understandable to those who are not experts in the field of classical optics, seemed to me not only suitable for a wide circle of readers, but also worthy of publication in a collection...The book presents a large amount of material in a clear, succint manner. There are numerous illustrations, including a selection of high-quality graphs … The author has managed to strike the right balance between depth of analysis and breadth of material.' Optics and Photonics News

' … this text is an ideal companion for graduate-level courses in optics, providing supplementary reading material for teachers and students alike. Industrial scientists and engineers developing modern optical systems will also find this book an invaluable resource.' Poptronics