Laws of Fear

Beyond the Precautionary Principle

Laws of Fear

This book is about the complex relationship between fear, danger, and the law. Cass Sunstein argues that the precautionary principle is incoherent and potentially paralyzing, as risks exist on all sides of social situations and there is no 'general' precautionary principle as such. His insight into The Laws of Fear represents a major statement for the contemporary world from one of the most influential political and legal theorists writing today.


"highly intelligent and stimulating." - Times Literary Supplement

'… highly intelligent and stimulating book …'. The Times Literary Supplement

'Sustein's book … remains an important contribution to the increasingly pressing debate on fear, risk, and the law, and it will be read profitably by anyone interested in these issues. It also presents ideas for approaching problems in moral and political philosophy from a new perspective, thus it is likely to serve as a starting point for many future discussions in these fields.' Logical Analysis and History of Philosophy

'… an interesting piece for readers who are concerned about the perception of risk, hazards and the necessary policies to prevent panic in general. A book self-oriented not only to the mitigation of real-based risks but also to the academician assessment of under what circumstances the fear operates and becomes panic.' Korstanje Maximiliano, International Journal of Disaster Resilience in the Built Environment

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