Present State of the Spanish Colonies

Including a Particular Report of Hispañola, or the Spanish Part of Santo Domingo Volume 1

Present State of the Spanish Colonies

William Walton (?1783–1857) was British agent at Santo Domingo (Haiti), one of the two states on the island of Hispaniola, over which the British had briefly fought with the French before it proclaimed its independence in 1804. Returning to England in 1809 he began to write on Spanish and South American affairs. This work was published in two volumes in 1810. Volume 1 deals with Hispaniola, which was settled by both the Spanish and French, and officially divided in 1697. Haiti was now independent, but the other part (now the Dominican Republic) remained under Spanish control until 1821. Walton discusses the history and geography of the island, and particularly the natural resources and wildlife. The rebellion of Haiti had seriously damaged the economy, which had been thriving, and more successfully exploiting the island's resources than the larger Spanish colony. Walton's object was to encourage the growth of trade between Britain and the region.

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Present State of the Spanish Colonies Volume 2

William Walton

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