My Diary in India, in the Year 1858–9

Volume 1

My Diary in India, in the Year 1858–9

William Howard Russell was sent to India by The Times to report on the conflict of 1857–1859 known as the Indian Mutiny. His previous work was in the Crimean War and his exposés of conditions there led to the sending of Florence Nightingale and her nurses, improvements to supplies and conditions, and to the demand for military and administrative reform. It was largely because of his contributions that war correspondence emerged as a branch of journalism. In his Indian diary, Russell criticises British snobbery as well as treatment of the Indians, and advocates leniency and conciliation. Volume 1 covers his journey to India and first impressions. It also contains some fascinating examples of first-hand coverage of the conflict and the reprisals following Lucknow and Cawnpore. Russell was horrified by such events, and concludes that only law reforms and non-military rule can ensure the prosperity of the Empire.

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My Diary in India, in the Year 1858–9 Volume 2

William Howard Russell

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