A History of Java

Volume 2

A History of Java

Thomas Stamford Raffles (1781–1826) was a British civil servant and statesman best known for his founding of the city (now Republic) of Singapore. After the capture of Java by the British in 1811, Raffles was appointed Lieutenant Governor of the island, a position he held until 1815. After a two-year interlude in England, he sailed back to the East, and established the city of Singapore in 1819. These volumes, written during his governorship and first published in 1817, contain his monumental survey and history of the island state. Raffles provides a comprehensive ethnographic description of the island's society, describing its economy, trade, languages and dialects, and religious and social customs, together with a detailed history of the island, including a discussion of the introduction of Islam. These volumes provide invaluable information of the study of contemporary Javanese society and history. Volume 2 contains Raffles's historical study.


A History of Java Volume 1

Thomas Stamford Raffles

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