Magnetic Materials

Fundamentals and Applications

Magnetic Materials

Magnetic Materials is an excellent introduction to the basics of magnetism, magnetic materials and their applications in modern device technologies. Retaining the concise style of the original, this edition has been thoroughly revised to address significant developments in the field, including the improved understanding of basic magnetic phenomena, new classes of materials, and changes to device paradigms. With homework problems, solutions to selected problems and a detailed list of references, Magnetic Materials continues to be the ideal book for a one-semester course and as a self-study guide for researchers new to the field. New to this edition: • Entirely new chapters on Exchange Bias Coupling, Multiferroic and Magnetoelectric Materials, Magnetic Insulators • Revised throughout, with substantial updates to the chapters on Magnetic Recording and Magnetic Semiconductors, incorporating the latest advances in the field • New example problems with worked solutions


From the first edition: '… the book is a useful and compact addition to the bookshelf of anyone wishing to get a good up-to-date account of magnetic materials at the start of the 21st century.' Materials World

From the first edition: '… well written and hard to put down. It quickly takes the reader on an epic journey from the most basic principles of magnetism to the cutting edges of technology. Those who complete the odyssey will develop a coherent overview of magnetism and magnetic materials past, present, and future … Spaldin captivates readers with her style which makes learning a pleasurable and effective experience.' Physics Today

'There is a reasonable balance between the fundamental physical concepts and practical applications …' The Times Higher Education Supplement