Elastic Waves at High Frequencies

Techniques for Radiation and Diffraction of Elastic and Surface Waves

Elastic Waves at High Frequencies

John G. Harris intended to explain in this book the special techniques required to model the radiation and diffraction of elastic and surface waves. He sadly died before he could fulfil this ambition, but his plan has been brought to fruition by a team of his distinguished collaborators. The book begins with the basic underlying equations for wave motion and then builds upon this foundation by solving a number of fundamental scattering problems. The remaining chapters provide a thorough introduction to modern techniques that have proven essential to understanding radiation and diffraction at high frequencies. Graduate students, researchers and professionals in applied mathematics, physics and engineering will find that the chapters increase in complexity, beginning with plane-wave propagation and spectral analyses. Other topics include elastic wave theory, the Wiener–Hopf technique, the effects of viscosity on acoustic diffraction, and the phenomenon of channelling of wave energy along guided structures.


"It is written in an elegant, engaging style, reflects well the research interests of the expert team, and as such, is an invaluable new source for graduate students, researchers, and professionals working in the fields of applied mathematics, physics and engineering who are faced with similar modelling tasks."
Larissa Ju. Fradkin, Mathematical Reviews

'it is written in an elegant engaging style, reflects well the research interests of the expert team, and as such is an invaluable new source for graduate students, researchers, and professionals working in the fields of applied mathematics, physics and engineering who are faced with similar modelling tasks.' Mathematical Reviews

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