Plato: Meno and Phaedo

Meno and Phaedo

Plato: Meno and Phaedo

Plato's Meno and Phaedo are two of the most important works of ancient western philosophy and continue to be studied around the world. The Meno is a seminal work of epistemology. The Phaedo is a key source for Platonic metaphysics and for Plato's conception of the human soul. Together they illustrate the birth of Platonic philosophy from Plato's reflections on Socrates' life and doctrines. This edition offers new and accessible translations of both works, together with a thorough introduction that explains the arguments of the two dialogues and their place in Plato's thought.


" excellent edition of the texts and well-suited for undergraduate use.... On the whole, the introduction has much to recommend it. At twenty-five pages, it is extensive enough to allow for a meaningful and reasonably thorough first look at the dialogues.... The lucid introduction and helpful footnotes, moreover, will make this volume especially suitable for the students and new readers at whom the Cambridge series is primarily aimed."
--Josh Wilburn, University of Victoria, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

"....Plato: Meno and Phaedo will be invaluable to those who are interested in overcoming the truncated versions of Plato that substitute for a careful consideration of his work."
--George Lazaroiu, PhD, Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies in Humanities and Social Sciences