Immigration and Conflict in Europe

Immigration and Conflict in Europe

Contemporary debates give the impression that the presence of immigrants necessarily spells strife. Yet as Immigration and Conflict in Europe shows, the incidence of conflict involving immigrants and their descendants has varied widely across groups, cities, and countries. The book presents a theory to account for this uneven pattern, explaining why we observe clashes between immigrants and natives in some locations but not in others and why some cities experience confrontations between immigrants and state actors while others are spared from such conflicts. The book addresses how economic conditions interact with electoral incentives to account for immigrant-native and immigrant-state conflict across groups and cities within Great Britain as well as across Germany and France. The author highlights the importance of national immigration regimes and local political economies in shaping immigrants’ economic position and political behavior, demonstrating how economic and electoral forces, rather than cultural differences, determine patterns of conflict and calm.


“This book provides an important contribution to the study of immigration in Europe. The fast-growing challenge of immigration has resulted in a variety of anti-immigrant outcomes across the countries of Europe. Rafaela Dancygier makes an important distinction between ‘immigrant-native’ and ‘immigrant-state’ conflict, and she develops a clear, nuanced, and persuasive argument about the effects of economic scarcity and immigrant electoral strength on the type of conflict that emerges. She complements her intensive case study of the United Kingdom with wide-ranging comparisons, thus allowing for informed and path-breaking conclusions that apply to the rest of Europe as well.”
—Marc Morjé Howard, Georgetown University

“In this immaculately researched book, Rafaela Dancygier finally brings systematic data on the political and social conflicts over immigration in Europe. With methodological precision, she identifies the conditions that lead to mobilized conflict, and if there is such conflict whether it pits natives against immigrants or immigrants against state authorities. Readers will be challenged by Dancygier’s parsimonious theory focusing on not only economic preconditions but political representation and in which the religious and cultural variables, favored by Islamophobes and other polemicists, have no explanatory power.”
—David Laitin, Stanford University

“Dancygier’s book contributes to but ultimately transcends the now vast scholarship on immigrant incorporation, native-immigrant social/political relations, the determinants of immigrant-related violence and conflict, and the local politics of immigration in addressing the causes and manifestations of immigrant-related conflict across countries and across time. Its nested analysis, utilization of both quantitative and qualitative methods, and imaginative research design offer a model for how good social science is conducted.”
—Anthony M. Messina, Trinity College

“Rafaela Dancygier has written the best book I’ve ever seen on immigration and conflict. She expertly shows the way in which political incentives and local competition for resources combine to explain conflict in Europe, but the theory could easily be extended to other regions and countries.”
—Steven Wilkinson, Yale University

“One of the great virtues of Immigration and Conflict in Europe by Rafaela M. Dancygier is that she ventures systematically where few have gone before, to the local level, to analyze immigrant conflict with both native populations and state authorities… Thus, this is a rich and important contribution to comparative analysis in a number of different ways.” - Martin A. Schain, New York University, Comparative Politics


Winner, 2011 European Politics and Society Best Book Award, American Political Science Association
Choice Outstanding Academic Title, 2011
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