Antarctic Marine Geology

Antarctic Marine Geology

The fragile Antarctic environment consists of a closely linked system of the lithosphere, atmosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. Changes in this system have influenced global climate, oceanography and sea level for most of Cenozoic time. The geological history of this region therefore provides a special record of important interactions among the various components of the Earth System. Antarctic Marine Geology is the first comprehensive single-authored book to introduce students and researchers to the geological history of the region and the unique processes that occur there. Research literature on the region is widely disseminated, and until now no single reference has existed that provides such a summary. The book is intended as a reference for all scientists working in Antarctica, and will also serve as a textbook for graduate courses in Antarctic marine geology.


"This book is going to be a classic marks the transition in our study of the marine realm in Antarctica; until now we have just scratched the surface. These scratches are clearly defined and summarized in John's outstanding book. The future holds great promise as we begin, in earnest, the subsurface exploration of the unique geology surrounding and beneath the frozen continent. Without the contributions outlined in this book, we would never have gotten this far." EOS

"This book, though aimed at professional geologists and earth scientists, could form the basis for a substantial graduate course on high-latitude depositional systems and processes, and it should be required reading for those interested in the glaciological evolution of this critical region of Earth." Choice

"This is a useful volume for serious undergraduate research students and graduate students in the early stages of their career...You should obtain it for the earth-science section of your library, for no other reason than its completeness and encompassing coverage of the marine realm surrounding the Earth's last wild continent." Journal of Geoscience Education

" Anyone interested in Antarctic earth science should have this book, as should anyone interested in global climate changes." Geological Magazine July 2001

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