Schizotypal Personality

Schizotypal Personality

This book is devoted to examining schizotypal personality and provides a comprehensive overview of our current knowledge. It includes reviews of genetics, neurodevelopment, assessment, psychophysiology, neuropsychology, and brain imaging. Central themes are the exploration of categorical and dimensional approaches to the understanding of schizotypal disorder and its relationship to schizophrenia, by some of the world's leading researchers. Valuable introductory and concluding chapters set in context the sometimes divergent opinions and findings presented by the book's contributors, and there are reviews of methodological issues and assessment schedules for the benefit of researchers in the field. In setting out to answer, from phenomenological, psychological and neurobiological perspectives, the fundamental question of what schizotypal disorder is and to develop coherent etiological models, this book will serve as an authoritative resource for clinicians and researchers interested in this major personality disorder.


"...its topic coverage is excellent...and its authors are world-class authorities. Each chapter is well written...the book is very readable, stimulating and recommended reading for any scientist or student who desires a clear introduction to the structure, dimensions, and problems of research in the area as well as a summary of the current state of knowledge." William Scheftner, Doody's Health Sciences Book Review Journal

'… a comprehensive introduction to the field of schizotypal personality … it encompasses what is known about SPD from a biological/medical perspective … it also covers some interesting psychological phenomena … I strongly recommend the book.' Gerhard Andersson, Scandinavian Journal of Behaviour Therapy

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