Quantum Gravity

Quantum Gravity

Quantum gravity poses the problem of merging quantum mechanics and general relativity, the two great conceptual revolutions in the physics of the twentieth century. The loop and spinfoam approach, presented in this book, is one of the leading research programs in the field. The first part of the book discusses the reformulation of the basis of classical and quantum Hamiltonian physics required by general relativity. The second part covers the basic technical research directions. Appendices include a detailed history of the subject of quantum gravity, hard-to-find mathematical material, and a discussion of some philosophical issues raised by the subject. This fascinating text is ideal for graduate students entering the field, as well as researchers already working in quantum gravity. It will also appeal to philosophers and other scholars interested in the nature of space and time.


"This is a truly great book!...a must for someone interested in quantum gravity." -
Mathematical Reviews, Jose A. Zapata

"... an excellent text for graduate courses."
SciTech Book News

'… written very carefully and can be recommended highly to anybody interested in the broad field and in conceptual issues of quantum gravity … experts … will find many new and clear notes of the author's view of loop quantum gravity as one of its founders … a non-expert reader, after working through the book, will be well prepared to read up further details in research or review articles …' General Relativity and Gravitation Journal

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