Basics of Holography

Basics of Holography

Basics of Holography is a general introduction to the subject written by a leading worker in the field. It begins with the theory of holographic imaging, the characteristics of the reconstructed image, and the various types of holograms. Practical aspects of holography are then described, including light sources, the characteristics of recording media and recording materials, as well as methods for producing different types of holograms and computer-generated holograms. Finally, important applications of holography are discussed, such as high-resolution imaging, holographic optical elements, information processing, and holographic interferometry.


"...a good collection of basic information on holography with many references that the reader can use to obtain more detail." COLOR

"Hariharan offers a snapshot review of the principles, techniques, and applications of optical holography in a brief descriptive treatment for those seeking an overview of the subject... The book is well-illustrated, references and worked-out examples are included; relevant mathematical information is summarized in four appendixes." Choice