Probability Theory and Statistical Inference

Econometric Modeling with Observational Data

Probability Theory and Statistical Inference

This major new textbook is intended for students taking introductory courses in probability theory and statistical inference. The primary objective of this book is to establish the framework for the empirical modeling of observational (nonexperimental) data. The text is extremely student friendly, with pathways designed for semester usage, and although aimed primarily at students at second-year undergraduate level and above studying econometrics and economics, Probability Theory and Statistical Inference will also be useful for students in other disciplines that make extensive use of observational data, including finance, biology, sociology and psychology.


"The chapters are impressive because of their thoroughness and attention to detail. The writing is elegant. The problem sections at the ends of the chapters are both reinforcing and creatively challenging... The section on 'building block' stochastics is one of the best I have read... the treatment and presentation are refreshing in their clarity." Computing Reviews

"Undergraduate and graduate-level introductory textbook on probability theory and

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