Cartulaire de Sauxillanges

In this 1864 publication, prolific French historian Henri Doniol (1818–1906) reproduces documents recorded from the early tenth to the late twelfth century in the monastic commune of Sauxillanges, in the Auvergne region of central France. These records cover every aspect of daily life from manorial rights and business notes to children's education. While the original manuscripts have been missing for almost four centuries, Doniol had access to a seventeenth-century copy of the cartulary. The documents are reproduced here in the original Latin, with extensive annotations in French. Doniol's editorial additions include a detailed index and appendices, as well as a comprehensive introduction framing the historical background to the records contained in this book. Extending to over seven hundred pages, this cartulary provides a fascinating overview of the social and economic history of France in the early middle ages.