Groups and Analysis

The Legacy of Hermann Weyl

Groups and Analysis

Many areas of mathematics were deeply influenced or even founded by Hermann Weyl, including geometric foundations of manifolds and physics, topological groups, Lie groups and representation theory, harmonic analysis and analytic number theory as well as foundations of mathematics. In this volume, leading experts present his lasting influence on current mathematics, often connecting Weyl’s theorems with cutting edge research in dynamical systems, invariant theory, and partial differential equations. In a broad and accessible presentation, survey chapters describe the historical development of each area alongside up-to-the-minute results, focusing on the mathematical roots evident within Weyl's work.


"The quality of the articles is high: the promise of the title is met, and the material is presented at a very accessible level, but without courting triviality."
Michael Berg, MAA Reviews

'… offers an interesting overview of the impact of H. Weyl's work on contemporary mathematics.' EMS Newsletter