Five Years in an English University

Volume 2

Five Years in an English University

Charles Astor Bristed (1820–1874) was an American scholar and author, and the first American writer to defend American English spelling. Having graduated from Trinity College in 1845 he published this two-volume account of his experiences at the university in 1852 to provide accurate, first-hand information for Americans about study in an English university, with the intention of starting a debate over the inclusion of aspects of English higher education in the American system. Volume 2 contains an analysis of study at Cambridge and compares this with study at American universities, including a description of the supposed shortcomings and advantages of American higher education and its contrasts with the English system. This volume provides valuable insights into the differences between English and American higher education in the nineteenth century. Examination papers for mathematics and classics from the 1840s are included in an appendix.

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Five Years in an English University Volume 1

Charles Astor Bristed

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