Euripides, Herakles

Volume 2

Euripides, Herakles

Wilamowitz-Moellendorff's edition of Herakles was published in 1895. The renowned German philologist delivers a detailed reading and translation of Euripides' classic tragedy, and also provides the reader with an introduction to the context in which the tragedy unfolds. Volume 2 is devoted to Moellendorf's commentary on the etymological, historical and dramatic details of Euripides' interpretation of Herakles' fate. He reminds the reader that Attic drama was always written for performance on a specific occasion, namely at the Feast of Dionysus, and in a particular place, namely on sacred ground. In order to appreciate the fullness of the drama the modern reader or spectator is therefore required to make full use of the imagination in order to appreciate the religious context and content of the play.


Euripides, Herakles Volume 1

Edited by Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff

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