Emma Darwin, Wife of Charles Darwin

A Century of Family Letters Volume 2

Emma Darwin, Wife of Charles Darwin

This remarkable collection of private correspondence between Emma Darwin and members of her family, published in 1904, provides the reader with an enjoyable and informative account of prosperous middle-class life in the Victorian period, as well as a picture of an amusing, educated, and caring woman. Emma Darwin (1808–1896) was especially remembered for her patience and fortitude in dealing with her husband's long term illness, which became apparent shortly after their marriage. In nursing and humouring Charles through his many ups and downs, she was a crucial factor in her husband's scientific accomplishments. She was responsible for bringing up their large family, running their household, and hosting visits from relatives and scientists. This, the second of two volumes edited by her daughter Henrietta, covers the period from 1839 until Emma's death in 1896. The letters are organised chronologically, and the book includes delightful illustrations from the family archives.


Emma Darwin, Wife of Charles Darwin Volume 1

Edited by H. E. Litchfield

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