Zwei Jahre unter den Indianern

Reisen in Nordwest-Brasilien 1903/1905 Volume 2

Zwei Jahre unter den Indianern

This two-volume work by Theodor Koch-Grünberg (1872–1924), director of the Ethnographical Museum in Berlin, tells the story of his major expedition to North-West Brazil and describes the indigenous tribes and the local geography. In contrast to Koch-Grünberg's many monographs and essays on the same subject, this book is directed at a lay readership. Koch-Grünberg states his aim of correcting a false impression of the indigenous peoples drawn from 'novels about Indians read during one's youth' and the accounts of his explorations are permeated by a deeply-held respect for the humanity he encounters. Although its primary interest to scholars lies in its anthropological and ethnographical content, the text is full of botanical, geographical and linguistic detail, interspersed with photographs taken by the author. Volume 2 (1910) describes the São Felippe region and includes an index and appendix with records of climate, flora and fauna.

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Zwei Jahre unter den Indianern Volume 1

Theodor Koch-Grünberg

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