The History of the University of Cambridge

From the Conquest to the Year 1634

The History of the University of Cambridge
  • By Thomas Fuller

    Edited by Marmaduke Prickett

    Edited by Thomas Wright

  • Cambridge Library Collection - Cambridge

  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press

    Online Publication Date:March 2012

    Original Publication Year:1840

    Online ISBN:9780511694059

    Paperback ISBN:9781108004657

  • Book DOI:

    Subjects: British history after 1450 , Social and population history

The historian and writer Thomas Fuller (1608–1661) published his 11-volume Church-History of Britain in 1655, together with an appendix volume, the History of the University of Cambridge Since the Conquest. A stand-alone edition of this appendix was prepared with corrections and clarifications by Marmaduke Prickett, chaplain of Trinity College and Thomas Wright, the prolific author of books on the middle ages, and appeared in 1840. This historic account is now republished, offering detailed and lively insights into the university's origins, roots and traditions. It also provides an informed commentary, sometimes biting, sometimes fantastic, on the university's complex relationship with the church, Oxford and the town authorities of Cambridge. Anyone interested in English history from William the Conqueror to Charles I, through plague, upheavals and civil war, or in the development of university education, will enjoy this classic book.

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