Remythologizing Theology

Divine Action, Passion, and Authorship

Remythologizing Theology

The rise of modern science and the proclaimed 'death' of God in the nineteenth century led to a radical questioning of divine action and authorship - Bultmann's celebrated 'demythologizing'. Remythologizing Theology moves in another direction that begins by taking seriously the biblical accounts of God's speaking. It establishes divine communicative action as the formal and material principle of theology, and suggests that interpersonal dialogue, rather than impersonal causality, is the keystone of God's relationship with the world. This original contribution to the theology of divine action and authorship develops a fresh vision of Christian theism. It also revisits several long-standing controversies such as the relations of God's sovereignty to human freedom, time to eternity, and suffering to love. Groundbreaking and thought-provoking, it brings theology into fruitful dialogue with philosophy, literary theory, and biblical studies.


"Remythologizing Theology is a ground-breaking work. Its bold proposal for integrating exegesis, biblical theology and systematic theology is a much needed one. Vanhoozer's approach gives careful attention to the literary dimension of scripture while keeping in view the inescapable role of theological presuppositions involved in interpretation."
Calvin Theological Journal, Jeffrey J. Monk, Westminster Theological Seminary

"Remythologizing Theology is an enormous accomplishment in reclaiming the biblical mythos in service to our reasoning about and response to God … Vanhoozer succeeds in keeping both the 'theo' and the 'drama' in theodrama by faithfully attending to God's being-in-communicative-action while creatively addressing God's dialogical and dramatic interaction with his creatures."