Ontological Arguments and Belief in God

Ontological Arguments and Belief in God

This book is a unique contribution to the philosophy of religion. It offers a comprehensive discussion of one of the most famous arguments for the existence of God: the ontological argument. The author provides and analyzes a critical taxonomy of those versions of the argument that have been advanced in recent philosophical literature, as well as of those historically important versions found in the work of St. Anselm, Descartes, Leibniz, Hegel and others.


"It is at once a virtue and challenge of this book that we are presented with meticulous reconstructions of historical forms of the argument, together with variations and objections (and often objections to the objections) that are both amazing and intimidating in their thoroughness....In addition to the main text, the book contains an appendix of some 130 pages, in which O. surveys virtually every significant discussion of the various forms of the ontological argument in the recent literature." Theological Studies

"...since belief in God is the starting point of all western religious belief, this topic is indeed important....the book succeeds in that it is informative and useful." Canadian Catholic Review

"This book performs the remarkable, well neigh impossible, feat of critically examining virtually everything that has been published in English on this argument, and it also covers related issues on existence and reference....it is an indispensable source of reference and stimulation for anyone working on these issues." Philosophy

"...his book is impressive. Its chief merit lies in its bibliographical references, which will prove invaluable to anyone attempting research on ontological arguments....Oppy is also to be congratulated for his own lively contribution to debates on ontological arguments." Brian Davies, O.P., Anglican Theological Review

"...this book is a testament to how intradisciplinary Phliosophy has become. For this reason alone everyone should read this book." Billy Joe Lucas, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion

"This makes the book enoromously helpful to anyone wanting to do serious work on this controversial argument....religious studies programs should have this book." Religious Studies Review

"Because of the wide range of literature Oppy engages, the seriousness with which he treats it, and teh wealth of detailed positions he takes and defends, anyone interested in ontological arguments will want to study this book." Edward Wierenga, Review of Metaphysics