Nietzsche, Aesthetics and Modernity

Nietzsche, Aesthetics and Modernity

Nietzsche, Aesthetics and Modernity analyzes Nietzsche's response to the aesthetic tradition, tracing in particular the complex relationship between the work and thought of Nietzsche, Kant, and Hegel. Focusing in particular on the critical role of negation and sublimity in Nietzsche's account of art, it explores his confrontation with modernity and his attempt to posit a revitalized artistic practice as the countermovement to modern nihilism. It also highlights the extent to which Nietzsche counters the culture of his own time with a dialectical notion of aesthetic interpretation and practice.


"Rampley's contribution constitutes a well-articulated summary of major ideas and insights by Nietzsche that highlight, and earnestly seek to resolve, the problem of modernity with pertinent parallels to and critiques of influential thinkers of the 20th century both within and outside of the German tradition." German Studies Review 2002

"A full and persuasive reassessment of Nietzsche's thinking on the aesthetic." CAA Reviews