Function Spaces, Entropy Numbers, Differential Operators

Function Spaces, Entropy Numbers, Differential Operators

The distribution of the eigenvalues of differential operators has long fascinated mathematicians. Recent advances have shed new light on classical problems in this area, and this book presents a fresh approach, largely based on the results of the authors. The emphasis here is on a topic of central importance in analysis, namely the relationship between i) function spaces on Euclidean n-space and on domains; ii) entropy numbers in quasi-Banach spaces; and iii) the distribution of the eigenvalues of degenerate elliptic (pseudo) differential operators. The treatment is largely self-contained and accessible to nonspecialists.


"The book is an excellent introduction....The basic ideas are well outlined and supported by complete proofs." Georgi E. Karadzhov, Mathematical Reviews

Review of the hardback: 'The authors' mastery of the subject is obvious, and they make every effort to guide the reader through the difficult analysis … The book is recommended to anyone with an interest in function spaces and differential equations.' W. D. Evans, Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society

Review of the hardback: '… not only an excellent research monograph but also an appropriate introduction to the field.' H. G. Feichtinger, International Mathematical News

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