Growth, Maturation, and Body Composition

The Fels Longitudinal Study 1929–1991

Growth, Maturation, and Body Composition

This book shows how data collected from more than 1000 participants during the past sixty years have been analyzed to test a wide range of hypotheses, and describes how the findings have led to the development of improved research methods. Topics covered include the management and analysis of data, prenatal, familial and genetic studies, physical growth, development and maturation, bones and teeth, body composition, and risk factors for cardiovascular disease. With more than 1000 specialized publications of Fels data to date, the present book provides a unique overview of this fascinating research program.


"...acessible to scholars from a range of disciplines, including anthropology, medicine, nutrition, and genetics." S. A. Quandt, Choice

"...a valuable contribution....of intrinsic interest to research specialists in growth and development and should be appreciated by serious students of the subject." Michelle Lampl, American Journal of Physical Anthropology

"...a valuable document of research topics and conclusions carried out in the Fels study. It is also a good source book on the history of growth studies in North American and the development of the Human Biology discipline over the past 62 years." William H. Mueller, American Journal of Human Biology

"The merits of this book include the breadth of the literature cited, the use of graphs, charts, and tables to augment the text, the description of ongoing and future research endeavors of Fels investigators, and the candid acknowledgements of the limitations of the Fels data." Paula A. Quatromoni, Journal of Nutrition Education

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading this volume. It is a rich source of information on a unique center and should be required reading for students of auxology." Science

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