Gender and Emotion

Social Psychological Perspectives

For ages, women have been considered as the emotional sex. The aim of this book is to investigate this stereotype. A wide range of emotions, such as anger, pride, shame, sadness, and joy, and emotional expressions, such as smiling and laughing are covered in the various chapters. The purpose of each chapter is to show whether sex differences have been found in psychological research in relation to one of these aspects of emotion, in which situations these differences were especially strong, and how (the absence of) these differences can be explained. This book is the first in its field to systematically present an overview of research and theory on gender differences in emotion.


"the authors unravel sex difference findings, deconstruct common gender myths about emotionality, and look to the broader social, political, economic, and historical contexts for guidance, all of which make the text both theoretically rich and feminist in its perspective and potential applications...a solid, empirical and theoretical work. Emotion theorists and gender theorists alike will find much to think about in this edited volume. The new data presented and the careful, critical reviews of past work will become valued references for scholars in both fields." Psychology of WOmen Quarterly, 25 (2001)

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