Justice and Christian Ethics

Justice and Christian Ethics

Justice and Christian Ethics is a study in the meaning and foundations of justice. Separate chapters are devoted to major philosophical and religious traditions that have shaped the idea and practice of justice in the West. These include the classical tradition of virtue (Aristotle and Aquinas), biblical ideas of covenant and the righteousness of God, Puritanism, and John Locke. The author develops a covenantal theory of justice that provides important religious resources for the renewal and transformation of justice in society


"The persuasive links between law and religion are traced by Professor Gardner with impressive scholarship and erudition." Law Books In Review

"A valuable resource for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in religion, politics, and law, and should be a well-used library holding." Religious Studies Review

"...Gardner's work is a very solid, well-documented depiction of justice in the biblical and Puritan traditions. Contemporary instructors in moral philosophy, political science, and theological ethics would benefit themselves and their students by taking Gradner's insights and scholarship into account. Gardner's veryreadable book deserves a still wider readership. American citizens' and residents' understanding of American political structures would be greatly enhanced and their lives greatly enriched by absorbing Gardner's depiction of America's heritage." Arthut J. Dyck, The Journal of Religion

"... Justice and Christian Ethics has the merit of making us see how much our modern conceptions of justice have been shaped by our religious past." Ethics

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