Doubling in Morphology


This groundbreaking study takes a novel approach to reduplication, a phenomenon whereby languages use repetition to create new words. Sharon Inkelas and Cheryl Zoll present a new model of reduplication--Morphological Doubling Theory --that derives the full range of reduplication patterns. This approach argues for a theoretical shift in phonology that entails more attention to word structure.


'… [Inkelas and Zoll] should … be applauded for their discussion and analysis of both classic and less well-known reduplication patterns. Calling the field's attention to some of these sources of data and the importance of specific patterns is invaluable.' Journal of Linguistics

'I regard this book as a valuable and stimulating contribution to the revived study of reduplication. It is surely a must for every scholar who wants to come to grips with reduplication - no matter what his/her theoretical convictions are …' Language Typology and Universals