Seaweed Ecology and Physiology

Seaweed Ecology and Physiology

A rewritten and reorganized edition of The Physiological Ecology of Seaweeds (1985), this book contains a new introductory chapter reviewing seaweed morphology, cytology, life histories and an expanded treatment of tropical seaweeds. The final chapter on mariculture is much larger, and includes a case study on how principles of physiological ecology were applied in developing the carrageenan industry. Also contains an appendix summarizing the taxonomic position and nomenclature of the species mentioned in the book.


"...this greatly expanded version will become a valuable text and resource book for graduate and undergraduate students and professionals, just as its predecessor was....Highly recommended for libraries with an aquatic component in their college's curriculum, and definitely worth the price in replacing the earlier version." Choice

'The book covers all imaginable aspects os seaweed ecology and physiology, hardly any of the keywords I tried out was treated too brief, let alone missing … with this reasonly priced paperback edition at hand I highly recommend the book for every student or researcher concerned with or interested in marine phycology.' Max Seyfried, Journal of Plant Physiology

'The rapid growth of knowledge in this field is at once exciting and daunting. This book provides an entry to the literature.' Coast

'The successful textbook of ecology and physiology of macroscopic muticellular marine red, green and brown algae appeard after three years as a reprinted paperback edition. Students will certainly welcome unchanged content at a much lower price.' Z. Sesták (Praha) Biologia Platarum

'… a valuable text, useful for a braod audience … The sections on marine pollution are of special interest.' Isabel Esteve, Hydrobiologia

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