Justice for Here and Now

Justice for Here and Now

This book conveys the breadth and interconnectedness of questions of justice--a rarity in contemporary moral and political philosophy. James P. Sterba argues that a minimal notion of rationality requires morality, and that a minimal libertarian morality requires the welfare and equal opportunity endorsed by welfare liberals and the equality endorsed by socialists, as well as a full feminist agenda. Feminist, racial, homosexual, and multicultural justice are also shown to be mutually supporting. The author further shows the compatibility between anthropocentric and biocentric environmental ethics, as between just war and pacifist theories. Finally, he spells out when normal politics, legal protest, civil disobedience, revolutionary action, and criminal disobedience are morally permitted by justice for here and now. This highly original and potentially controversial book is ideal for courses in moral and political philosophy, applied ethics, women's studies, environmental studies, and peace studies.


"Justice for Here and Now is a stimulating and provocative book that presents readers with challenging arguements throughout." Robert L. Simon, Ethics

"This book is provocative and useful. Anyone interested in justice will benefit from this book....this book contains manyexcellent arguments and is a valuable addition to the philosophical literature on justice." Environmental Ethics


the 1998 Book of the Year Award of the North American Society for Social Philosophy